Tutoring That Meets Student Needs

POP Tutoring has been providing professional Math and Science tutoring to Calgary-area junior high, high school and university students since 2004. The company was founded by Tom MacFarlane, a graduate of the University of Calgary (B.Sc., AstroPhysics, B.Ed., Secondary Mathematics).

Tom has more than 15 years of experience in tutoring and course development. What began as one person helping a few students with math homework has grown into a dynamic tutoring company with multiple tutors who provide high quality learning experiences for students in every corner of the city of Calgary. Even with that growth, POP remains dedicated to the idea that success lies in each student. With individualized tutoring and mentoring that meets student needs, success is inevitable.

POP Tutoring isn’t just about helping students get better grades. It’s about inspiring confidence, building lifelong skills and igniting a passion for learning. It’s also about relieving stress – allowing families to enjoy each other without the stress of homework and marks. POP tutors have a passion for the subjects they teach, and they are inspired by seeing their students do well.

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