Final Exams and Diploma Exams Are Back

Worried about Final Exams or Diploma Exams in January?
Don't panic. We can help you destroy your exams. 
We know your science and math curriculums inside and out and will help you get top marks. 
Why do POP Exam Prep Courses ROCK? 
  • They are a great way to prep for exams
  • We cover all course material but focus on the most important material
  • We teach students how to write exams effectively
  • We only allow a maximum of 25 students in each course
(other companies allow hundreds of students, some students don't even get to sit)
  • We allow time for students to get specific questions answered
  • We allow time for some one on one help
  • We work on exam style questions
  • We love teaching these courses
  • POP students average 80% on their exams, a couple even scored 100%
Come find out why one student wrote....
"This was a very, very, very helpful, fun, and entertaining prep course. By far the Best I've ever attended"

Register today to make sure you get into a POP Exam Prep Course before they are full!!

Nov 30, 2012 Posted by: Tom MacFarlane
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