Math and Science Tutoring

Welcome to POP Tutoring. We’re one of Calgary’s premier tutoring services for junior high and high school maths and sciences, as well as university-level maths and sciences.

In addition to One-on-One Tutoring services, we offer a range of courses to help students prepare for their Final Exams and Alberta Diploma Exams, as well as pre-semester Head Start courses.

POP stands for Power of Potential – and that’s what we help our students find in themselves. We aren’t just tutors, we're mentors who believe in helping students to help themselves. Every student has the potential to do well. We help them find it.

Tutoring Services

POP specializes in Individualized Learning Assessments, One-on-One Tutoring and Group Tutoring services. We come right to your home or nearby library, making it easier to get the help you need within your family’s busy schedule.

Exam Prep Services

Our small class sizes and fun, energetic approach to instruction make POP’s Diploma Exam Prep, Final Exam Prep, and Head Start Courses ideal for maximizing success.